Create a spreadsheet promo which will help you sell your professional services
in whatever profession you are seeking (part-time supplementary work or
full-time). You can use color (tho you needn't print it).
Prepare the promo so you can type in current statistics regarding your work
just before visiting a prospective client. Put the data to the right of Column J.
Include large lettering, blocks of color, and at least one graph.
Print both the promo and the data entry page.
Your Name Here Assignment:  SS2
Join our Exclusive Client List!
58 Clients This Year! Number of clients 58
We offer the best audio services in town!
- 24-hour studio availability
- We do tape, cassettes, CD's, DVD's
Studio 148
On-Scene 47
Special Effects 24
Call…    Sam Williamson
Phone (773) 345-6789
Fax (773) 345-1234
Note:  We appreciate at least 48 hours notice!