Spreadsheet In-Class Lab Exercise
Your Dear Uncle Schlocko has offered to advance you $5,000 to start your own home office.
All he asks is that you name the type of business (see below) and that you show how
you plan to expend the money. (You must use it all in the first three months of operation.)
Fill in here…  Your Name…        
                         Type of Business…        
Allocate the dollars below and fill in formulas to compute totals and percentages.
(Amounts indicated are suggested amounts - your expenditures may vary from these amounts.)
Costs Jan Feb March Totals
Desk ($175)  
Chair ($90)  
Lamp ($30)  
File Cabinet ($120)  
Wiring ($10)  
Wastebasket ($6)  
In/Out Baskets ($4)  
Blotter ($20)  
File Folders ($8)  
Paper (ream, $3)  
Envelopes (50, $1.70)  
Tape (roll, $1)  
Stapler ($4)  
Fasteners ($3)  
Pens ($4)  
Rent ($600/mo)  
Phone ($150/mo)  
Electricity ($80/mo)  
Computer ($45/mo)  
Internet ($20/mo)  
Advertising ($100/mo)