You have invested in a new housing development for the Joliet, Illinois area.
You call it the Fox River Delight community, and have the Post Office assign its own zip code, 60434.
Now, for the Joliet Planning Commission, you are requested to estimate the educational level of its planned 6,000 residents.
Follow the instructions below to satisfy their requirement.
Note: data are shown for Joliet, and for the Chicago area (Chicago MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area)
Your Name Spreadsheet Project
ZIP  Elem AttendHS GradHS AttendColl GradColl Total Percentage
60431 642 1299 4144 4462 3163
60432 2566 2662 3044 1981 426
60433 1153 2253 3697 2538 766
60435 2850 4715 11316 8885 6025
60436 1022 1931 3806 2634 1250
MSA 485699 672780 1390419 1359716 1324873
1 Enter the above info in a new spreadsheet.
2 Save as SSProj
3 Insert your new Zip Code, 60434, under the row for 60433.
4 Fill in your estimate so your (approximately) 6,000 residents are divided across the educational categories shown.
5 Use the SUM function to compute total population for each Zip Code, including the new one. Also total the MSA numbers.
6 Use the AVERAGE function to calculate the average population for each educational category.
7 Format the average to 2 decimal places.
8 Under percentage, create a formula to compute each zip code's percentage of the Chicago MSA's population.
9 Format the result as a percentage.
10 Adjust the column width so you can display at least 6 decimal points under Percent.
11 Center all items in the average row,
12 Bold all items in the average row.
13 Add a border around the Average row.
14 Change the font size of ZIP to 14.
15 Create a header which centers your name and right-justifies today's date.
16 Create a footer which prints the page number on the left and the words "Why look down here?" on the right.
17 Create a pie chart showing educational level for the Chicago MSA population. Include labels in a legend and title the chart.
18 In landscape mode, print the spreadsheet with graph on one page. Be sure gridlines are off.
19 Print a second copy of the spreadsheet showing formulas.