Sometimes word processing makes PDF conversion software necessary. You might need to convert a your files, such as to convert PDF to Word, in order to edit them.

Foundations of Computer Applications

by Bruce Cook, Columbia College Chicago

WP1 -- Word Processing Exercise 1

Using the attached sample resume, construct your own resume and cover letter, using facts from your own career (make something up if you have to). (Be sure to include your name and address, top of page.)

1. Getting started. First you need to start the computer, and then you need to start Microsoft Word (usually by selecting the program under Microsoft Office). If you don't know how, or if you have trouble, ask for help.

2. Preparing a Word Processing Document with varied format. When you prepare a Word Processing Document having variations in typeface, font, underlining, etc., it is usually best to type the unformatted copy first. Then return "to the top", highlight each area requiring a special format, and (while copy is highlighted) touch style, size, or font in the menu bar on top of the screen, click and hold the mouse button, and drag down to the style (or font or size) you have chosen.

Definition-Highlight A "highlighted" section is marked by inverse shading (i.e., usually white lettering on a black background). To highlight an area, point the cursor to the left of the first letter to be included, press and hold the mouse button, and drag right (or down, or down and right) until the highlighted area includes all text including the last letter desired.

3. Starting a new line or paragraph. While typing, you start a new line or paragraph by pressing the Return button (some systems label this an Enter button). However, if you are in a continuing paragraph, do not press Return; instead, let the word processor "word wrap" from line to line. When you want to start a new line or sentence after a section you have highlighted, you need to click at the end of the highlighted section, wait until the highlighting disappears, and then press Return or space.

4. Use the Tables Feature in Word to enter resume data under the "experience" category. . Create a 3 column by at least 3-row table. Use Column 1 for Date and name of company. Column 2 for Job title. Column 3 for job description. (The table will show cell lines on the screen, but these won't print.)

Click where you want the table to begin (after Career Experience in the example)
Select Tables>Insert Table and ask for 3 columns and at least 3 rows
Click in each cell and insert data required. Note the cell is elastic, and will expand to accommodate your data while adjusting neighboring cells for an overall fit.



Your Street Address
Your Town, IL 60000
(312) 123-4567

  Seasoned expert in video productions for commercial and industrial training. Specialty in crew supervision and director.
  More than ten years industry experience plus recent four-year media course at Columbia College of Chicago (Graduated May 1992 with a B.A. in media).
  Complete range of media production experience.
                       For example, have written and produced several one-minute ads for retailers in the Carol Stream area.

OBJECTIVE: Consider your goals and write something like this... Seeking a position which will enable me to use my education and experience to reach my full potential as a director of video productions for self-instruction.

EDUCATION: 1989-92 B.A. Media, Columbia College of Chicago. 1988-89 Video Production Course, Bell & Howell. 1980-81 Training Workshop, Carnegie. 1976-80 Downers Grove South High School (English).

CAREER EXPERIENCE: (List your job experience)
Jun, 88-Present
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Roscoe Video productions, Elgin, IL Supervised video crews on eight ten-minute productions per year. Worked with clients to improve effectiveness of their video productions.

Nov, 80-Jun, 88
CAMERA OPERATOR Wilson Films, Chicago, IL Responsible for camera operation as part of a six-man production crew. Worked with engineers and directors to improve quality of their dramatic productions for educational TV.

1978-1980 EDITOR, DGS News (Downers Grove South High School Newspaper)
Responsible for supervision of 20 volunteer stringers and layout specialists who assisted in taking the DGS News from concept to camera ready copy. Responsible to meet printing deadlines and to include information supplied by school administrators.

REFERENCES: Provided upon request.