Foundations of Computer Applications
Saturday- IBM
Columbia College Chicago

Word Processing Project

Instructions for Cook's WP Project

Part I

This exercise asks you to demonstrate mastery of certain word processing functions. At the same time, you should show originality in your letters or flyers. Make them unique to yourself and your career goals after you graduate from Columbia College. Specifically, since there are two copies having similar content, you can make them into two versions of a letter (or flyer) that you would mail to various clients. Some examples: letters describing your business/consulting services to several prospective clients, letters keeping people in your client list abreast of what's going on in your specialty area, etc.

Follow these instructions...
(5 points for each item)

1. Set margins 2", 1.5" (left, right)
2. Change font somewhere in document
3. Change font size somewhere in document
4. Include at least 3 indented "bullet" statements with at least 2 lines each
5. Change spacing--double--somewhere in document
6. Change justification (centered , right, or full justify) somewhere in document
7. Spell check
8. Save as Name1.doc (your name, up to 7 letters)
9. Print
10. Open copy of Name1.doc and save as Name2.doc (that's right--name2)
11. Use find and replace
12. Set paragraph indents 1", 1"
13. Insert a few words at the end of paragraph 1
14. Delete a few lines (whole lines)
15. Format a paragraph into 2 columns
16. Put a header in with your name
17. Put a footer in with the date
18. Drop in clip art
19. Copy paragraph 1 and paste at end (sorry about this one, folks)
20. Save and print


Part II


1) Open a new file
2) Create a title with 24 point Arial Bold, centered, near the top of the page: Buy a Pet Here
3) Set format paragraph to skip a 12-point line after each paragraph.
4) Set alignment to left justified
5) Go to a new line and set these tab stops:
     a)    Left justified at 1 inch on the ruler
     b)    Center tab at 3.2 inches on the ruler
     c)    Decimal tab at 5.5 inches on the ruler
     d)    Right tab at 6.5 inches on the ruler
6) Enter a line with bold titles for your listing (14 point bold type)
     a)    Name at tab 1
     b)    Type  at Tab 2
     c)    Weight at Tab 3
     d)    Personality at Tab 4
7) Set format paragraph back to zero space after each paragraph.
8) Now enter the following data so the final list looks like this. (Use 12-point normal type for the data lines.)


Type Weight


Bozo Giraffe 123.56 Cuddly
Shaw Monkey 14.5 Happy
Amy Ostrich 95.333 Sleepy
Moo Cow 243.11 Jumpy

  ( Note: This example does not illustrate decimal alignment.)    


9) Save as WP Listing and print to hand in. (Be sure your name is in a header.)